Cabinet of Dr. Caligari pen & ink illustration

"Fire Coral",  drawing created with chalk pastels

Telescope image before drawing the overlay

"Firefox", mixed media of an actual telescope image and an illustrated overlay. Created in Paint Tool Sai. 

Nature still life study, created using water color paints. 

An illustration of Hat Kid from the game A Hat in Time, created in Clip Studio Paint.

Watercolor painting of a wave. 

An illustration about virtual reality and using it to escape from Covid, created in Clip Studio Paint. 

Watercolor painting of a forest fire. 

Character illustration of Link from The Legend of Zelda series, created using Clip studio Paint. 

Digital painting of a girl in the snow, created using Paint Tool SAI.

Watercolor painting of a cherry blossom.

Still life study, created using chalk pastels. 

Cartoon-style illustration created using Paint Tool SAI

Character illustration of a girl with a sword, created using Clip Studio Paint. 

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