This is one of my favorite projects I've worked on so far. I took my previous Geralt rig, and upgraded it to be a modular skeleton. I also learned how to use the Witcher 3 modding tools to gain access to the source 3D models and textures. I used the official Witcher modkit and Wolven Kit to convert the .w2meshes into .FBX files. After converting the models into a usable format, I rigged and weight painted them in Maya. Lastly, I imported each individual piece into Unreal Engine with the skeleton to be able to animate all the pieces using the same animation blueprint. 

To create the character randomizer/part picker, I added a function called 'Random Part' to my blueprint. This function sets a random mesh from your array of  choice (for example, an array of head meshes, or torso meshes) and adds it to the part of the blueprint that you pick (for example, I have a skeletal mesh slot for the pants, boots, torso, gloves, etc.). Then in the event graph, I can make a custom event that uses the 'Random Part' function and add my array and part mesh in the blueprint. Finally, I have a separate actor to handle the input to change the mesh pieces, which gets all actors of the character class, runs a loop with break, and runs the custom event of your choice. The video below shows my tool in action.
I plan to build to further polish this project with a UI, improved animation blueprint, montages, and a wider range of armor and swords. 

**I did not make these models, all of the pieces were ripped from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The models belong to CD Projekt Red.** 
Here is my random part function that drives the character randomizer. 
Here is my custom event that randomizes the entire outfit of the player character. 
To make all the pieces update and animate correctly with the Blueprint, I added a 'Set Leader Pose Component' which makes all of the pieces follow the Pants mesh as a reference. Any animation that goes on the pants will go onto the rest of the model. 
Here is my character layout showing the hierarchy of the different mesh pieces. I have a separate slot for pants, boots, torsos, gloves, the Witcher medallion, silver swords, and steel swords. 
Here are the different pieces available in the character builder, which I rigged and added color variations using a a lerping material. 
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