This is a flaming cherry blossom VFX I have been working on in Unreal Engine 5.2. I modeled the petals for the VFX myself, and set them up in a Niagara emitter. I used collision events to kill the particles when they hit the ground, and instead a single petal forms with a random rotation where it hits. The burning away effect is driven by a Dynamic Material Parameter, which is used create a dissipation effect. I also set up the fire VFX in a separate emitter. In total, this effect uses three separate emitters in a single Niagara system. I plan to add embers and polish the leave dissipation and fire more.  
The final product will be added to an eerie 'human-tree' in an apocalyptic setting for use in an Unreal Engine 5 cinematic scene. I'm really excited to see this add to the environment! 
Showing my dissipation material. It uses a noise map and tiling to have a highly customizable effect. 
The particle disappearing effect is achieved by driving the 'Erode' Dynamic Parameter with a Float from Curve in the Niagara emitter. 
Showing the Niagara system breakdown. 
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